• Sport masterplanning
  • Sport venue brief development
  • Sport venue assessment for compliance with International Federations requirements 
  • Design and planning services to meet International Federations requirements and best international practice​
  • International Federation requirements assessment
  • Temporary infrastructure ‘Overlay’ planning
  • User group access strategy and planning
  • Planning of user group movement to and within the venue precinct
  • Precinct security strategy


Ruben Reddy Architects provides a full range of architectural services for projects at both a local and international level.

In addition, we have the professional expertise, in-depth knowledge and proven experience to provide the following specialist services:

sport consulting

sport bid development

sport event planning

  • Bid stakeholders coordination
  • Sport infrastructure development strategy
  • Venue selection and venue feasibility studies
  • Sport infrastructure planning
  • Temporary infrastructure ‘Overlay’ planning for the event
  • Coordination with the broader event planning

healthcare services

urban design

  • Scale and spatial quality development 
  • Masterplanning and urban structure  
  • Integration of pedestrian and transport
  • Land use identification and integration
  • Social and economic cohesion and sustainability studies
  • Urban and landscape integration
  • Brief development
  • Development of Detailed Accommodation Schedule and Area
    Requirements, including all Clinical and Regulatory requirements 
  • Master-planning including future growth/expansion potential
  • Feasibility Studies and Bankable Document Production
  • Assessment of Compliance with Health Requirements
  • Decanting and phasing planning for alteration and additions 
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