Construction Value

The residence, Phase 1A of the Soweto Campus housing development, comprises of 290 beds over 5 blocks with 3 floors per block. Each floor is self-contained as an individual block. And it includes a kitchen, lounge and ablutions as well as a clothes drying area on the roof.


Fundamental to the project was the need to create a community environment whilst supporting the individual needs; creating courtyards as meeting points and entry to each building. Students interact from private spaces to the common areas.


The purpose of this facility is to provide a safe and convenient environment for students to socialise, study and have access to catering, common laundry facilities and a computer LAN which is connected to the main university network.  Additionally, meeting rooms and offices for the use of the housing operational staff were also provided.

University of

R85 million


UJ Student Housing

Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa

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