Construction Value

eThekwini Municipality
R3 million


Mahatma Ghandi Memorial

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The museum is located at 95 Dr. Goonam Street (Prince Edward Street), a site purchased by Gandhi himself.


The character of the memorial to honour Mahatma Gandhi lies firstly, in the design of the structure, which focuses on a simple, educative, modest structure, portraying Mahatma Gandhi’s life and teachings, with minimal fanfare and with maximum opportunity for public benefit; and secondly, in the intended multiple uses of the facility, which include commemorative, educative, historical and heritage, as well as training-related opportunities. 


The Memorial is envisaged as a modest structure, though striking in appearance and befitting the icon to whom it is dedicated. 


It is intended to be a vibrant and lively memorial, which offers multiple benefits for the city and its citizens. It has been designed as a minimum-maintenance structure, to minimize long-term maintenance and operational costs. 


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