Construction Value

KwaZulu-Natal Children's Trust

New Building


Ex. Hospital Refurb R63,000,000.00

Ex. Nurses Home refurb R38,000,000.00


KZN Children's Hospital

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Built in 1929, the old Addington Children’s hospital has become a familiar face in the landscape of the South Beach Precinct. In its heyday, the Addington Children’s Hospital was the only facility on the African continent solely dedicated to child and infant healthcare.  Today, this grand facility has been left abandoned at the mercy of time. In an age where the country is ravaged by HIV, AIDS and TB, where the children are the ones that suffer the most, the need for a facility dedicated to the treatment of children and infants is becoming more and more urgent. With this dire need in mind, the KZN Children’s Hospital Trust undertook the monumental task of securing the funding and resources required to renovate and restore the old Addington Children’s hospital to a world-class, leading healthcare facility that caters specifically for children, infants and young mothers.


The concept of the development is to restore the original buildings on the campus and using contemporary architectural elements… tie the entire campus together by enhancing the connectivity between different buildings and spaces in order to facilitate efficient circulation. The new architectural interventions will be designed to complement and enhance the aesthetic of the architecture of the original buildings.



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